The unexpected places in the world to find gambling


Gambling is an activity that takes place in many forms and locations around the world. While casinos in Las Vegas or Macau or online come as no surprise, there are places in the world where you would never expect to encounter gambling. This article takes you on a journey to some of the strangest and most unexpected places where gambling takes place, from the icy expanses of Antarctica to hidden chambers in world-famous monuments.

1. Antarctica – The Frosty Casino

Let’s start with probably the most surprising place: Antarctica. In the icy solitude of the world’s southernmost continent you would hardly expect a casino. And yet, in the middle of the eternal ice, there is a form of gambling for the researchers and employees of the scientific stations. In the common rooms of some stations there are occasionally improvised casinos where card games and smaller competitions are played for modest stakes. These facilities are primarily intended to provide entertainment and cohesion among people who work and live in extreme conditions.

2. The hidden arcades of the Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China, one of the most impressive structures in human history, hides more than just historical secrets in its depths. In the less visited sections of the wall, resourceful locals have set up small, hidden gambling corners. While these cannot be compared to the world’s major casinos, they offer travelers and adventure seekers the opportunity to try their luck in one of the most historic places in the world. From simple dice games to card games, you’ll find a quirky and completely unexpected gaming environment here.

3. The Vatican – Holy Bingo

Although it’s hard to imagine gambling activities taking place in the heart of Catholicism, there is actually a form of gambling in the Vatican that is enjoyed by both locals and visitors: bingo. Bingo is played at special events and celebrations to promote community and sometimes to raise money for charities. These activities are strictly regulated and reflect a sense of community and fun that is quite different from the commercial gambling world.

4. Underwater Casinos in the Caribbean


In the Caribbean, known for its beautiful beaches and as a paradise for divers, gambling finds a very special home in some places: under water. Some resorts offer underwater casinos where guests can play slot machines and even blackjack tables in special, waterproof rooms. Surrounded by the fascinating underwater world, this experience offers a unique combination of thrill and natural beauty.

5. Hidden casinos in the deserts of Dubai

Dubai may be known for its stunning skyscrapers and luxurious lifestyle, but official gambling is not to be found here. However, there are reports of hidden casinos operating in the private mansions of the rich and powerful. These exclusive and secret venues are only accessible to a very small and select audience and are surrounded by the highest level of discretion and security. They offer a world of gambling away from the public eye where high stakes and luxury are the rule.

The world of gambling is diverse and surprising. It turns out that gambling, in its many forms, is a universal part of human culture, found in even the most remote and unexpected places in the world.

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