• Valmas & Associates – Greek Law Firm

    Valmas & Associates – Greek Law Firm

    Valmas & Associates is an international full-service Greek Law Firm offering services in a broad area of the legal practice.…

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    WANG JING & CO.was founded by managing partner Mr. Wang Jing, a shipping and insurance law practitioner since the 1980s…

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  • Torkin Manes LLP

    Torkin Manes LLP

    Torkin Manes LLP is a full service, mid-sized law firm based in downtown Toronto. Our clientele ranges from public and private corporations,…

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  • George and George , Advocates

    George and George , Advocates

    Completed LL.B from The Government Law College, Mumbai in 1983 and joined Mr. M.A.George , Advocate , Cochin and practised…

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  • Andrzej Kubas

    Andrzej Kubas

    1983 – 1989 Deputy Dean of the District Bar Council in Krakow, 1999 – 2003 Vice President of the Central…

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  • Devereux Chambers

    Devereux Chambers

    Devereux Chambers is not a legal entity (unlike a company or a law firm), and does not provide legal services.…

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  • Teemu Kauttu

    Teemu Kauttu

    PARTNER Merilampi Teemu Kauttu is a highly experienced professional who specialises in contract law and litigation in the field of…

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  • Armin Zucker

    Armin Zucker

    PARTNER Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Practice Areas: •General Corporate Law •Real Estate and Rental Law •Technology, Media and Telecommunication •Arbitration and Litigation…

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