• Advokatskrivstovan


    We have considerable experience in preparing and conducting legal proceedings, including arbitration proceedings. We appear in court on behalf of our clients in both civil and criminal cases. We represent our clients at all levels in the Danish judicial system, i.e. before the Court of the Faroe Islands, the Danish High Court and the Danish Supreme Court.

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  • African Law Firms

    African Law Firms

    ALN member firms represent corporate and commercial clients before courts, arbitrators, mediators, administrative and statutory tribunals in civil litigation and administrative proceedings.ALN lawyers have also led substantive joint representations in international arbitration proceedings and have acted for multinational corporations, financial institutions and government bodies.

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  • Herzfeld Rubin Meyer & Rose Law Firm

    Herzfeld Rubin Meyer & Rose Law Firm

    HRMRÕs ADR Practice, which is part of our Litigation Practice, offers our clients national and international arbitration services in their chosen forum. Both our Myanmar attorneys, as well as our international counsel, design together with the clientÕs representative alternative dispute resolution solutions from contract to the actual ADR procedure. Our attorneys guide the client through the labyrinth of alternatives, in attempting to mitigate dispute costs, as well as speed up their resolution in the most cost-effective manner. As such, we review the pluses and minuses of various ADR forums addressing the specific industry in which the client operates, and help choose the ones which serve their interest best.

    Our officeÕs multi-lingual staff and attorneys, together with those in our other offices, allow HRMR to present a sophisticated and sensitive cultural and inter-disciplinary legal approach to the issues presented in the arbitration process. We work closely with top-tier experts in numerous fields of science, engineering, business and economics. HRMR attorneys are skilled negotiators with significant experience in obtaining favorable resolutions for our clients. Our attorneysÕ reputation for integrity and outstanding defense of cases is well-known among the bar and helps to facilitate favorable results.

    The HRMR experienced advocacy skills enhance our clientsÕ interests towards a desirable outcome in whatever forum we represent them. Our lawyers protect their clientÕs rights by petitioning national courts for temporary or permanent relief in preparation for the ADR process. As such, we routinely file for interim protective measures, such as emergency injunctions or compelling production of documents, as well as post-ADR, in setting aside unfavorable ADR awards or dealing with the various aspects of awards enforceability.

    Mr. Mark A. Meyer, a HRMR name partner, is a member of the Panel of Arbitrators of the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), an autonomous international institution that is part of the World Bank and established under the Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States, to which there are currently 157 signatory nations. He is also a member of the Panel of International Arbitrators of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution SM (ICDR), the international division of the American Arbitration Association, as well as the panel of the Romanian Court of International Commercial Arbitration in Bucharest and the panel of the ICC International Court of Arbitration. Mr. Meyer has in the past, and currently is arbitrating international commercial disputes valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Mr. Eric C. Rose, the HRMR Lead Director, has been engaged in domestic and international ADR proceedings for over twenty-five years, both in the U.S. and in more than ten countries. His expertise is in dealing with contractual negotiation, drafting and dispute resolution, as well as personal injury cases, whether through negotiation, mediation, adjudication, or conciliation proceedings. He has represented major corporations, such as John Deere or American Standard, in ADR proceeding in dozens of forums on three continents.

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  • Jurist Consult Chambers

    Jurist Consult Chambers

    Juristconsult Chambers is one of the largest business law firms in Mauritius.

    With fourteen full-time lawyers (including a Malagasy legal consultant), Juristconsult Chambers
    provides practical and innovative legal services in the field of consultancy, litigation and
    arbitration. The law firm has a strong reputation in the Mauritian business community and retains a focus on Africa, and in so doing, advises clients, local or foreign, wherever they want to do business on the continent.

    Members of the practice are trained according to international standards, and are, at the same time, equipped with valuable local expertise and know-how. Members of the firm have contributed in the drafting of legislation whilst others lecture at tertiary institutions in the irrespective specialist areas. Juristconsult Chambers is continually involved in many of the largest and significant transactions occurring in Mauritius. Marc Hein, the head of practice, was until recently Chairperson of the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius, the regulator for non-banking financial services.

    The law firm services local and international companies, high net worth individuals and financial institutions including banks, funds and trusts which seek assistance for their legal challenges pertaining to the firmÕs areas of practice. Juristconsult Chambers helps foreign investors to settle in Mauritius and maintains a close relationship with all Mauritian governmental authorities.

    Juristconsult Chambers works with a large number of international law firms and is also a member of DLA Piper Africa. The close working relationship with a network of lawyers in the neighbouring islands of Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion and Comoros enables the law firm to better handle cross border transactions in the Indian Ocean.

    Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
    The Mauritius International Arbitration Centre (LCIA-MIAC) is now fully operational.Ê Mauritius has also signed a Host Country Agreement with the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) which has appointed a permanent representative in the country. Whilst very often business involves taking risks, your choice of litigation and dispute resolution lawyers should not. Our lawyers maximize your prospects for a successful outcome, whether through the use of dispute resolution techniques or skilful and persuasive advocacy before the courts and specialized judicial and quasi-judicial bodies.

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  • Dr. Kamal Hossain & Associates

    Dr. Kamal Hossain & Associates

    The firm has been involved in both domestic and international arbitration, including international commercial arbitration. Dr. Kamal Hossain has extensive experience in international arbitration, both as counsel and arbitrator. He has served as Chairman and Member of several international arbitral tribunals formed under the ICC, ICSID and UNCITRAL Rules and under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and as a Member and Panel-Chairman of the United Nations Compensation Commission.

    Other members of the firm also have expertise and experience in commercial arbitration, including ICC, ICSID and UNCITRAL arbitrations. The firm advises on a wide range of arbitration issues, including arbitration clauses and submission agreements, choice of forum and rules of arbitration, enforceability of awards and the role of national courts during arbitration proceedings. The firm has been involved in litigation for enforcing arbitration awards, staying court proceedings initiated in violation of arbitration clauses and obtaining interim relief in support of pending arbitration proceedings.

    Dr. Sharif Bhuiyan, one of the founding Partners of the firm, has acted as lead counsel in several UNCITRAL arbitrations involving multinational parties. He has authored and edited books covering issues of dispute settlement published by Cambridge University Press and Brill. He is available for appointment as arbitrator.

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  • CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz

    CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz

    The main fields of practice of our specialists include, inter alia:
    Advising and representing clients in court and public administrative proceedings
    Advising and representing clients in domestic and international arbitration proceedings, including enforcement of and challenges to arbitral awards. Advising clients on alternative dispute resolution methods, including the setting up of “dispute boards”. Members of CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz’s dispute resolution team have been and are currently active as arbitrators in disputes under a variety of arbitration rules as well as on an ad hoc basis

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  • Ant Consultants & Lawyers

    Ant Consultants & Lawyers

    ANT Lawyers assists foreign investors, foreign government agencies, and foreign citizens
    with all aspects of cross-border and local transactions, in various fields of business and administration including foreign investment licensing, and post-licensing, labor, contracts, taxation, administrative formalities and other legal request. With two offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and collaborative relationship with international law firms and special counsels, the firm has been advising and representing clients including major international companies. ANT Lawyers has been recommended by IFLR1000 as a one of leading law firms in Vietnam. ANT Lawyers is also a Vietnam exclusive member of Prae Legal Law Firm Network, covering more than 150 jurisdictions globally. Lawyers of the firm are of highly experience led by Tuan Nguyen, who is a widely respected professional.

    ANT LawyersÕ strengths in technical skills are coupled with excellent relationships with all major stakeholders of the Vietnam Government Agencies and deep understanding the politics affecting the ways laws are made and implemented in the country.

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  • Asgari & Associates International Law Firm

    Asgari & Associates International Law Firm

    ÔOur attorneys have extensive experience representing parties during arbitration proceedings, as well as ensuring performance and enforcement of arbitral awards. Our services include helping them address certain pre-dispute considerations and counseling them prior to formulating and negotiating the arbitration process. Our attorneys will assist you to draft a dispute resolution clause, negotiate an arbitration agreement and will advise you on the consequences of including the dispute clause in their contracts. The firmÕs experience and network of contacts suggests that we are well-placed to recommend suitably-qualified arbitrators when necessary and mandated.Õ

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