• Reza Choudhury

    Reza Choudhury

    Reza is experienced in a variety of domestic and international arbitration and regularly acts as sole counsel covering commercial &…

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  • Lucy Greenwood

    Lucy Greenwood

    An English national, Lucy Greenwood is dual qualified in English and Texas law.  She has practised international arbitration for over…

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    Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] In Africa Associates [ AAAAA or A5] otherwise known as and called Arbitration &…

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  • JURIS Conferences: Fourteenth Annual Leading Arbitrators’ Symposium

    JURIS Conferences: Fourteenth Annual Leading Arbitrators’ Symposium

    Juris Conferences is a leading organization developed to promote a discourse between figures in International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. To date,…

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  • Nimble Legal

    Nimble Legal

    Based in the United Arab Emirates, Nimble Legal provides cost-effective legal advice to businesses in high risk industries. 

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  • Transnation Services

    Transnation Services

    With multicultural, multifunctional expertise in various managment areas and legal background. Areas inter-alia; Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, International Logistics,…

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  • Suzannah Newboult

    Suzannah Newboult

    Suzannah focuses on resolving international construction and engineering disputes. She has considerable experience in dealing with arbitration, litigation and adjudications,…

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  • Simon Palmer

    Simon Palmer

    Simon Palmer has focused on contentious construction, engineering and infrastructure law for approaching 30 years. His work consists entirely of…

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