Listing Categories:

Within the ‘category’ blocks, you will find arbitration centers and arbitrators.

Ranked listings: These are listings of arbitrators which have been given a Platinum, Gold, or Silver ranking, by having met the conditions set out in this website as determined by Joseph A. Huse (the CEO and Editor) and the rest of the ranking team at Newton Arbitration.

Other listings: Please note that arbitration centres and arbitration experts are not ranked.


By using the ‘Search’ function, you can find individual Arbitrators and Arbitration Centres.


The ‘Menu’ provides the user with additional options to help navigate around the website more efficiently.

Sign up:

Signing-up to the Newton Arbitration resource platform is a simple process by which you will be required to enter the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. Username (you would like to use for future sign-ins)
  3. E-mail (Organizational/Personal E-mail)
  4. Password of preference

It is important for individuals to first sign-up in order to access the Newton Arbitration website as a user.


Once the user has filled the form appropriately, the Newton Arbitration team will verify the information within 24-hours of the submission. The user will then receive an e-mail confirming his/her profile.

Why Sign-up?

  • To submit a listing
  • To edit a personal/organizational profile
  • To edit/add arbitration-related events
  • To add published articles to a personal profile
  • To request a ranking

** It is possible for a representative of the organization (i.e. Arbitration Center) to list or edit their profile.

Editing Profiles:

Once a profile has been created, users can edit the content, picture, location, publications, practice and industry categories, personal website, and language of their personal or organization listing.

Users will also have the option to link respective/applicable social media accounts (Twitter and LinkedIn) to their Newton Arbitration profiles.

Request/Change Ranking:

After signing up, users will have the ability to be ranked by clicking on the “Request/Change Ranking” button available on both their individual profile page as well as the main page. Clicking the button will lead to two types of “Questionnaires”, one for Individuals and one for Organizations.

Once the users have completed the “Questionnaire”, it will be sent directly to the CEO and Editor of Newton Arbitration to evaluate and rank the listing as per his discretion.

  Platinum: Top of the global profession; “star” status.

 Gold: Near universal acclaimed globally approaching “star” status.

 Silver: High regional recognition clearly on track towards eventual “star” status.


All international arbitration events are eligible for inclusion in the “Events Calendar”. Users are able to create arbitration-related events on behalf of their Arbitration Center, Law Firm, etc. for them to be publicized on the Newton Arbitration Calendar. Any details pertaining to the user’s arbitration event, such as the keynote address, may subsequently be uploaded onto the event listing.

Submit Events Listing:

Once the user has signed-up, they will have the ability to create and submit an event listing.
The user can simply click on the “Submit Events Listing” button, which can be found in the “Menu” or under the “Calendar” section. Complete and submit the information relating to the event, which will then be sent to the Newton Arbitration team for approval.

Information required when creating an event:

  1. Name of event
  2. Address
  3. Contact information
  4. Listing photo
  5. Organization or individual arranging the event
  6. Date
  7. Link to event

Live Twitter Feed:

The “Newton Arbitration Live Twitter Feed” feature is directly connected to Newton Arbitration’s Twitter account, which displays up-to-date tweets on matters relating to arbitration and dispute resolution. In order to be added to the Newton Arbitration Twitter list, please follow our Twitter account (@NewtonArb).

Profiles in Law:

Within this section, we feature arbitration professionals who have exhibited years of excellence, evidenced by demonstrable and significant arbitration experience.

Featured profiles are emailed to approximately 10,000 members of the Newton Arbitration community of users. The platform itself has in excess of 5,000 unique users per month. Most of these users would visit the “Profiles in Law” section. Consequently, the profiles are subject to considerable exposure.

If you believe that your profile meets the requirements for inclusion in the “Profiles in Law” section, you may wish to submit a profile (along with appropriate third-party references) to us for possible inclusion in the section. As a drafting guide, please refer to the points below.

Please note that Newton Arbitration maintains the absolute and sole discretion to accept or not any profile submitted to us.

Details to be included:

  1. A picture of the arbitration professional;
  2. Brief educational background;
  3. Brief biography describing arbitration experience (as counsel or arbitrator or both);
  4. An email by which the arbitration professional (or representative) may be contacted.

For an example, please refer to the following link:

Reference profile

Click here for Profile Submission

Video Archive:

Under the ‘Video Archive’, Users of the Newton Arbitration platform can find all arbitration related media content, including all Newton Arbitration livestreamed events.