• Mohammad Rahmani

    Mohammad Rahmani

    PARTNER Bayan Emrooz Law Firm Experience – Member of Iranian Bar Association, October 2000 – Partner of Bayan Emrooz International…

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  • Bayan Emrooz Law Firm

    Bayan Emrooz Law Firm

    ÔConfidential settlement of disputes with minimal costs is a major concern of commercial companies. To achieve this goal, referral of disputes to arbitration or Alternative Dispute Resolution methods is preferred to any form of litigation in domestic courts. In order to alleviate the concerns of its clients regarding dispute resolution, Bayan Emrooz Law Firm, benefiting from the best experts and the most experienced lawyers in the field of domestic and international arbitration and ADR, proudly renders the following legal services: Drafting arbitration agreements and offering consultation regarding such agreements. Representation in cases referred to international institutional arbitration such as the ICC , domestic institutional arbitration and ad-hoc arbitration. Enforcement of foreign arbitration awards.Õ

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