• Dr. Michael Nueber

    Dr. Michael Nueber

    October 23, 2017

    Dr Michael Nueber is a Counsel with Gasser Partner Attorneys at Law and operates from both Vaduz and Vienna. He…

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  • Gasser Partner

    Gasser Partner

    July 21, 2015

    If the parties cannot arrive at an amicable solution, we represent our clients in all areas mentioned above before Liechtenstein courts, administrative authorities and arbitration courts. Often, Liechtenstein procedural law offers a number of possibilities for enforcing a claim, which is why the search for the optimal solution can be key. Arbitration courts play a major role in the area of trust and corporate law because they allow for absolute protection of confidentiality and abbreviated proceedings. A recent English publication of our law offices deals with the topic of civil and arbitration proceedings in Liechtenstein and is designed to help our clients and communicating lawyers to get an idea of the Òlegal processÓ in Liechtenstein.

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