• Law Senate

    Law Senate

    Law Senate is a fully equipped and competent Law Firm to handle Commercial Arbitration in India and world wide. The firm and its Lawyers Assist, Advice and Practice in all fields of International Arbitration, domestic arbitration like Mediation, dispute resolution, Litigation and Training. The Firm is one of the few law Firms in India having a strong Arbitration back ground in both Domestic and International Arbitrations. The FirmÕs Senior partner Mr.S Ravi Shankar and partner Mrs. Yamunah Nachiar have handled hundreds of Arbitrations in their capacity as Arbitration lawyers. Mrs. Nachiar handled many high value Arbitrations in which various Government of India departments and Public Sector Undertakings. Another special capacity of the above mentioned senior partner is that he has handled many Arbitration related litigations in the High Court level as well as the Supreme Court of India with regard to appointment of Arbitrators, Arbitration clause, Challenging of Awards etc.

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  • Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler

    Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler

    International commercial arbitration has become the standard method for resolving international commercial disputes. The firm’s prominence in this field is acknowledged worldwide.Laurent LŽvy and Gabrielle Kaufmann-Kohler have acted as arbitrators and advised clients in a large number of high-stake commercial arbitrations.More specifically, they have acted as arbitrators and represented clients in many business sectors.

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  • Fox Mandal

    Fox Mandal

    Arbitration and Dispute Resolution: This is a very important aspect of the firmÕs practice. Partners of the firm are involved with various Arbitration Councils including International Chamber of Commerce, Council of Arbitration for Sports, International Court for Commercial Arbitration, London Court of International Arbitration, Singapore International Arbitration Centre, Indian Council for Arbitration, etc.

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  • Brus Chambers Advocates & Solicitors

    Brus Chambers Advocates & Solicitors

    Brus Chambers is considered as a beacon of excellence in international arbitration. The firm is active in commercial arbitration and maintains far-reaching global arbitration capabilities and a broad-ranging remit of expertise across various sectors. Our arbitration lawyers headed by Ms. Binita Hathi, have significant experience resolving contentious issues confronting clients engaged in both domestic and cross-border business. A highly recommended law firm for international arbitration.

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  • Anil Xavier

    Anil Xavier

    Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM)

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  • Ashok Kumar Pruthi

    Ashok Kumar Pruthi

    The International Centre For Alternte Dispute

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  • Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM)

    Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM)

    Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM) is one of the pioneer institutions in India, providing institutional Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services, which includes international and domestic commercial arbitration, mediation and negotiation. IIAM is a non-profit organization registered in India and commenced activities in the year 2001.

    The legal and ethical aspects are guided and controlled by the IIAM Advisory Board, comprising of distinguished and eminent persons from various fields, chaired by HonÕble Mr. Justice M.N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India. IIAM is the only institution in India approved by the International Mediation Institute (IMI) at the Hague for qualifying mediators for IMI certification. IIAM is a member of the Asian Mediation Association (AMA) and the Asia Pacific Regional Arbitration Group (APRAG).

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