• Jorge Manini Chung

    Jorge Manini Chung

    Associated Organization(s): International Arbitration Centre of the American Chamber of Commerce of Peru (AmCham Peru) Other Affiliation(s): Manini & Associates…

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  • Jerry Spolter, Esq.

    Jerry Spolter, Esq.

    Associated Organization(s): JAMS International Other Affiliation(s): NA Expertise: Not Received Industrial Sector: Practice Area: CVs:

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  • Kreston International

    Kreston International

    Kreston International Limited is a global network of independent accounting firms. Founded in 1971 we offer reliable and convenient access to quality services through member firms located around the globe. Currently ranking as the 13th largest accounting network in the world, Kreston now covers over 100 countries and provides a resource of over 20,000 professional and support staff.

    meetingIn today’s economic climate, with rapidly developing new markets, improved communications, and greater international mobility, businesses operate on an increasingly global scale. Successful global organisations choose to use the services of accountants and advisors in each individual country, to take advantage of their local expertise and contacts.

    Whether you are entering the international business arena for the first time, or building upon an existing global enterprise, Kreston members are there to offer you extensive professional services. Kreston member firms are accustomed to working closely together on client assignments to deliver international solutions.

    Our members, who are principals in their own firms, provide a personal and confidential service, while looking after your business interests. Kreston members strive to provide the highest quality expertise available in their respective country.

    The first-hand knowledge of local regulations and customs provided by your Kreston member firm can give your organisation an invaluable competitive advantage in the world market place. Working with an established firm in your destination country, you can take advantage of their contacts and local reputation. If international jurisdictions complicate the issue, individual Kreston members can call upon the support of the worldwide network to provide a swift, appropriate solution.

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  • UHY International Ltd

    UHY International Ltd

    Specialist staff have in-depth experience of business information and financial reporting systems, accounting and auditing standards and procedures, evidence gathering and investigative techniques, and litigation processes and procedures.

    Representatives from UHY member firms frequently act as expert witnesses in fraud and other criminal cases.

    Member firms from across the UHY network are able to work together on cross-border cases and have experience of international arbitration in many jurisdictions.

    As well as being able to respond quickly when disputes arise, UHY member firms take a proactive approach to help clients identify potential problems and take action to avoid them.

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  • Sikich LLP

    Sikich LLP

    Ranked as the 47th largest accounting firm in the nation, Sikich is a professional services firm with many capabilities that reach beyond the audit and attest function. Technology is one of our strengths for public and private clients. No matter the loss, large or small, Sikich provides a robust, highly supported and secure technology platform designed to handle voluminous paperwork from across the country. Plus, our work is only conducted by certified public accountants (CPAs) who are dedicated to the forensic specialty. A vital extension of your team, we strive to get it right, working with compassion with the insured while mitigating your losses and risks. No matter how complex a business claim may be, Sikich seeks to speed the claim resolution process without sacrificing quality or focus. Sikich, with its full suite of litigation support capabilities, not only can evaluate economic damages, but can also assist with dispute resolution and even testify to our findings.

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  • FTI Consulting, Inc

    FTI Consulting, Inc

    Across a global platform, our professionals assist U.S. and multinational clients respond to allegations involving the propriety of accounting and financial reporting, fraud, regulatory scrutiny and anti-corruption inquiries. Our multidisciplinary experts address a variety of accounting and compliance issues; analyze and reconstruct corporate books, records and electronic information; and participate in fact-finding interviews.

    We react quickly and confidentially to safeguard assets and reputation, resolve matters with minimum disruption to the business and mitigate recurrences by recommending effective controls. Our approaches enable us to efficiently gather facts, analyze the issues, and prepare reports and presentations that stand up to regulatory and judicial scrutiny.

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  • Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP

    Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP

    KRP services a variety of medium and large businesses operating in a broad spectrum of industries. Our business valuations are objective and defensible entailing discussions with management and key employees, site visits, market and industry research, analysis of historical financial data, review of business plans and forecasts, comparison to market data and consideration of goodwill and other intangible assets. Our Financial Litigation Support specialists include Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs), Chartered Accountants (CAs), and a Certified Forensic Investigator (CFI) whose extensive experience covers a wide range of expertise.

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  • C. Lewis & Company

    C. Lewis & Company

    Forensic accounting investigations cannot be reduced to a simple checklist. It demands an acute awareness of many components such as the human aspect, knowledge of the elements of fraud, rule of evidence, and burden of proof, and an appreciation of the so-called Òred flags.Ó

    C. Lewis & Company professionals provide investigative accounting solutions that assist clients in dealing with issues occurring outside the normal course of business such as: allegations of asset misappropriation, conflict of interest, corrupt payments, or fraudulent financial reporting. Our services are tailored to the circumstances at hand, and directed towards finding value driven solutions to our clients’ challenges.

    We have been of assistance to counsel as both testifying and non-testifying experts.

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