Efficiency in the Arbitration Process

Interview with Dana MacGrath on Promoting Efficiency in Dispute Resolution

In this interview, Dana MacGrath of the law firm of Sidley Austin LLP discusses the promotion of efficiencies in dispute resolution. This video constitutes mandatory viewing for parties involved in dispute resolution and advisers to such parties.

Interview on getting the Right Support from Clients in International Arbitration: Cecilia Carrara

In this interview, Cecilia Carrara of the law firm of Legance Avvocati Associati discusses what support is required from her clients in the context of successful international arbitrations. It also compares the use of arbitration to the use of the Italian courts. This video constitutes mandatory viewing for parties interested in European-connected arbitration proceedings.

Interview with Michael E. Schneider, LALIVE

In this discussion, Michael E. Schneider, Partner at LALIVE, discusses the importance of specialized knowledge in international arbitration, from both a technical and a legal perspective. The conversation covers the use of party appointed experts versus tribunal appointed experts and their subsequent impact on arbitration cases.