According to the United States Bureau of Census, only about 55% of people eligible to vote have voted in the national elections held after every four years since 1960. Despite the fact that voter participation in the elections has recorded a slight increase in the last few decades, participation is still at a lower level when compared to other democracies of the western part of Europe.


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In the recent years, there have been attempts at enhancing voter participation as well as voter turnout through several means. These means include automatic registration of would be voters, installing home mail ballots, and others. Nonetheless, several Americans are wary of the fact that such attempts to enhance voter participation create negative impacts such as fraud as well as voter apathy.

The people in support of enhanced voter participation have a superior argument compared to those against it since enhanced participation of voters increases the level of self-governance. The United Nations is an effective partner in matters relating to elections and voting. Throughout its functions, it continues to encourage nations to foster voter participation with a goal of improving self-governance.

The Voting Right Act of 1965

This refers to a hallmark in the history of America. It is a legislation which ruled out any voting processes that appeared to discriminate against some groups and was the cause for marginalization of African Americans in essay writing websites reviews the United States. This piece of legislation outlawed any federal state from forcing any kind of qualification to a voter or any other essential requirement in a manner that would hinder or obstruct the right of any individual to vote because of issues of race or the color of one’s skin.

The then congress had a particular interest in using the act to disregard the process of needing individuals who were actually qualified to vote to go through literacy tests successfully so as to be allowed to register as voters. This was the major way through which some of the states had denied the African Americans their right to vote. This piece of legislation was signed and enacted into law by the then president Lyndon Johnson.

The process of Electing a New President

The elections for a new president are normally conducted after a period of four years. The specific day is the first Tuesday of the month of November. This is a standard procedure which has to be followed strictly. There are also requirements for the qualifications of a person who can run for office.

He or she should have clocked 35 years. They must also be natives of America and should have stayed there for a period not less than 14 years. Candidates for the presidency are selected through a campaign process which begins a previous year to the actual election year. Candidates announce their quest for office and the various parties select their preferred candidates.


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After party nominations, the final candidates conduct their campaigns all over the country in a bid to get more votes to their basket. Voters have to register to vote and this is done early enough. The people should satisfy all the legal requirements as well as age to be allowed to register as voters. Lastly, the president is identified by the number of Electoral College votes he garners and not necessarily the popular vote.

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